Monday, March 19, 2012

It Happened On A Monday

It's Monday and so far these events have happened to me:

I accidentally kissed a spider! I was looking out my window trying to see if my grandfather was down the street, as I pulled away from the window I saw him crawling right where my lips had been. The old wives tale says if you kill a spider it will rain. What happens if you kiss one?!

The second incident occurred once I was at school. My class in on the fifth story of a building, and I sit right next to a very large window. Today the windows were being cleaned. I was focused on my studies, (alright I lie, I was playing a computer game), and just so happened to glace out the window. Without any notice two men repelled down to my window and began squeegeeing. Before I could control myself, I screamed. The whole class, including the two window washers, burst into laughter.

I still have nine hours left of this Monday. Not looking forward to it, in fact I'll probably be looking over my shoulder.

Faith, Love & Dynamite! <3

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